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Water Sewer Repairs In Elliot Lake

Home is the most valuable asset one has, both in terms of emotions and money. Keeping it updated and safe is everyone’s priority, so it becomes important for every house owner to take care of every nook and corner of the house. One such, many times ignored corner, is your basement. At JCS construction, we can help you ensure the complete safety and longevity of the area by providing you the best basement waterproofing at Elliot Lake. Our trained team of basement waterproofing contractors and foundation specialists will ensure quality repairs and will install the best waterproofing systems.

Our team of professionals specializes in dealing with unique problems that house owners face to keep their basement dry and deal with them accordingly. We assure you that instead of spending thousands of dollars every year to get the repairs done, we will provide you with solutions that will last longer. Call us today for your basement waterproofing. We provide services for both commercial and residential properties.

Basement Waterproofing Methods

A damp basement is unhealthy and smells bad and you should not spend any time there nor should you store anything there. Get the problem fixed by an experienced contractor from an insured company for a long-term solution. Having the knowledge of what process comes in handy to understand the problem and relate it to the expert advice given by our staff members.

If you are looking for small repairs or cracks, a sealant or epoxy injection can fix the problem temporarily. The better option would be to get the complete interior drainage system repaired. This method is cost-effective and less disruptive. Combining it with an exterior waterproofing system will provide the best and long-lasting results. You can contact us for both new construction projects and for repair/restorations of the existing basement.

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