Landscaping In Elliot Lake

Do you want to enhance the curb appeal of the outdoor spaces you have that also will increase the value of your home? Our team of contractors specializes in technically sound construction skills with an artistic bent to create a perfect-looking outdoor space comfortable and livable.

With the use of the finest quality of construction material and gardening products, we can co-create a space that will be cozy and inviting throughout the year that can withstand all the climates of the year. We also specialize in creating beautiful water bodies like fountains, waterfalls to create soothing corners bringing natural beauty to your garden. Contact us for our state of art services for creating an eye-catching, green, lush landscaping requirement at Elliot Lake with a personalized touch.

Landscaping Services In Elliot Lake

From planning a landscape, establishment and support to essential yard care and in the colder time of year, snow evacuation administrations. JCS Constructions offer private administrations that are fit to the necessities of our customers, as opposed to offering cutout bundles where you are paying for services that you may not require. Our private yard care support in Elliot Lake can incorporate week by week grass cutting, yard air circulation, treating, weed control and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Dealing with your current plants, taking care of them, and planting the occasional plant will be dealt with by our horticulturist. Grass cutting is a drawn-out work and needs the treatment of hefty gear. With the utilization of the best nature of development material and cultivating items, we can co-make a space that will be comfortable and welcoming during the time that can withstand every one of the environments of the year. We likewise work in making excellent water bodies like wellsprings, cascades to make mitigating corners carrying regular excellence to your nursery. We will joyfully offer the best types of assistance with complete customer fulfillment.


How much should I spend on landscaping my yard?

Landscaping is about finishing takes on numerous structures, from introducing trees, bushes, and grass to making a deck with a gazebo and walkways. As a basic rule of thumb it is considered that one should spend 10% of their budget on landscaping. This helps in enhancing the quality of the property.

Is it better to hire a landscaper or do it yourself?

Regardless of whether you like to deal with your own nursery when in doubt, consider recruiting a professional to overhaul the yard. On the off chance that you wish to work on your yard and keep it looking sound and energetic, contact an expert gardener. This is particularly evident if your yard needs an all out makeover as well as changes to the design of the land. In the event that you do choose to do a portion of the work all alone, make certain to plant trees no less than 10 feet from carports and walkways so the roots will not harm your substantial. 

What should a landscape plan include?

Landscape plans drawn up prior to beginning your venture will assist you with imagining what the outcome will resemble. This also guarantees that size, scale and format have been thoroughly considered preceding development and plant establishment. The essentials included are:

  1. Line to accentuate the area with horizontal, vertical, curved or diagonal lines. 
  2. Color which depends on the elements of the house and the preference of the clients. It uses warm, cool or combination colors in gardens.
  3. The form of the landscape which is more of a three dimensional aspect of the yard.
  4.  Coarse, Medium and Fine are the various textures that are chosen in order to create a landscape.
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